Support for Community-based Media

I've been a passionate supporter of Public Access television since we first began advocating for Community Cable Channels back in the early 80's.  Thirty Five years later my experience in this particular area of the television industry runs deep and includes time as a board member, station manager, trainer, engineer and content producer on many levels.  I understand the politics and funding models behind many of these channels and, I understand how important it is to access the tools that allow communities to manage these resources.  I'm proud to be able to support this community of media producers through continued work as a technical consultant, teacher and community activist.  



Learn how people can use media tools to share their stories and build community. 

Here's an interesting documentary called "Everyone's Channel".  The video was produced in 1990 and describes the history of  local Public Access cable channels.  It's an interesting look at the development of our "wired communities".  It's also a great primer for the history and debate over Public Access cable channels as an extension of our First Amendment rights.  

Check out this short video about my friend and mentor, George Stoney.  George was a well known documentary film maker, social activist and professor at the Tisch School-NYU.  This video was prepared as the opening segment for a tribute held at NYU in 2012.