A large standing oak tree provides a living environment for many animals and plants.  Our virtual media tree does the same.  Check out some of the creative side projects that are finding their home in the branches of this digital oak tree. 

Fun with ornamental grass.  You'll want to turn up the volume, go full screen, and let the gentle breeze carry you away. 

Iphone documentary fun with friends as we celebrate the first run of the maple-tree sap.  

In the Summer of 2010 I was part of a team of people who participated in an historic oceanigraphic trip aboard the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.  The ship is outfitted with a deep-water ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle).  The ROV was outfitted with a series of special HD cameras.  We worked with the Indonesian government to dive througout the famous "Ring of Fire" and simply explore the ocean.  The dive video images/sound were transmitted live to special viewing centers throughout the world and people could actually talk to the crew directly from these locations.  I worked as one of the video engineers who operated the cameras on the ROV and prepared edited versions of the video dives for archiving.  Check out this beautiful video compolation of these amazing deep water dives. 

A couple of ole Blues dogs playin for change on the streets of the 

2016 Maine Blues Festival in Naples, ME.  Video shot by a passing

amateur I-phone.