Hard Tellin...Not Knowin


I've lived in Gray, Maine for the better part of my life. But as you often hear people say around these parts....it's "hard tellin not knowin" what's happening around you.  So I've begun producing a local, community-based video program that runs on Gray's Public Access channel - GCTV.   You can watch the series programs here at any time.  



  Enjoy and please send me an email with your thoughts and comments !  R/



Hard Tellin Show #1 - Features Mary Underwood, Randy Cookson and Libby Hill.

Hard Tellin Show #2 - Features Will Beriau, Colin Chase and The Mayall Mill.

Hard Tellin Show #3 - Features Lonnie Humphrey "Lonnie Dogs"

Hard Tellin Show #4 - Features the Little Sebago Lake Association and the Two Mums Kitchen in Gray Village.