Hard Tellin...Not Knowin


I've lived in Gray, Maine for the better part of my life. 


I've always advocated for public access to the local cable system which utilizes our public right of ways to connect most of us to digital networks that have become defacto communication utilities in our communities.  It's important for us to stay informed about the use of these systems, who controls them, how much money is being made and re-invested and what the future brings for our digitally connected lives on a local, non-commercial level.  


So, here is how I'm using Gray's local cable (network) channel to engage my community through a medium I've been using for a long time...video.  Let's push forward into the 21st Century and see how we can use this system to communicate with one another in new ways.  Let's share videos about things that are happing in our community using this public, non-commercial platform.  I'm looking forward to meeting people in the Gray area who are interested in collaborating on a local, non-commercial video series that will help inform and engage the community. 


  Enjoy this first show and please send me an email with your thoughts and comments !  R/