Check out my friend Jackie Nice as she makes her way through another "Eastern Sands Radio Show" on Portland's Community Radio Station, WMPG. 


"We at WMPG are SO enjoying this lovely piece you produced about our dear Jackie Nice and her Eastern Sands Radio. Your insights about Jackie, her program, and about community radio in general are so perfectly on point. We've shared the link on our Facebook."

Dale Robin Goodman, Development Director, WMPG


The Starling Grange Hall project.  Working with community members to save this beautiful old building. 


"Randy, every day I venture out in to the town people thank me and say how they love the video."


Maggie Chadwick, Client

Here's an example of the approach I like to take when telling stories.  Frank Pecararo is an organic vegetable farmer that lives just up the road from me.  He's passionate about his work and I simply join him in the field for a relaxed conversation.  The result is an honest, intimate video that communicates on many levels.  The feedback on this video has been very positive with links off the Mulberry Farms web site and Facebook page. 


"How much does the camera love you two ! It was soooooo good !"


Feedback from a customer.


Bluegrass band "Tricky Britches" recorded at Sprouts in downtown Portland, Maine.  Video created for Rare Disease Day 2012.

Ongoing project with the Maine Chapter of the Partners of the Americas exchange program.  Maine has been partnered with the Brazil state of Rio Grande do Norte for over 45 years.  Check out this video to learn more.