Zort Ziffle Radio

Bob Swanson, aka Zort Ziffle, was an amazing human being.  He was a friend, a mentor, a truth seeker, a musician, a teacher, a partner, brother, father, grand father.  Zort's eye's sparkled with the strength of his life spirit, something his family and friends enjoyed often.  Bob's physical presence passed away on March 15, 2022.   Zort's spirit lives on through the many people he touched during his 72 years on this planet. 


Zort was a regular listener to my "Pandemic Music to Live By" radio show.  On May 6, 2020, Show #6,

I featured an interview with Zort, his brother Jodie, and their friend Jon Koeze.  It's a fun interview where we talk about the old days playing music together in Michigan and literally catching up with one another during the height of the Pandemic.  Zort leads on a song at the end of the interview which is apx. 26 mins. into the file.  

Pandemic Radio Show featuring an interview with Zort, Jodie and Jon.
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About a month ago Zort called and told me he was about to undergo chemo-therapy for cancer.  He was very upbeat, as usual, and told me the doctor's were confident he would beat the cancer with this treatment.  Zort had to lay on his back much of the time and I decided to produce another WOOD Radio show just for him to listen to while he recovered from his treatments.  I called it ZZRadio.  Zort wrote back how much he enjoyed the show...and talked about plans to get together later this year.  The show was specifically produced for Zort and is somewhat personal.  But I think he would approve of me sharing this with others.  Zort inspired many with his music and his personality.  Music heals.  R/

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Zort Ziffle Sings Originals - 1991
Zort and I spent an evening in the SPTV studios recording some of his original tunes. It's not a great technical recording, but Zort's spirit and his voice ring true. R/
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